• Anthony

    Director of Facilities Management

    I want to express my highest regard and gratification to the great amount of attention that Amanda has provided me with during my job search process. Amanda constantly communicates and follows up and truly has my best interest at heart.  While other recruiters have initially contacted me, and I have never heard from them again, Amanda continues to understand the sensitivity and urgency to find employment for those searching. She truly understands the nature of recruitment. I have been working with recruiters both for my personal job search and for recruiting staff for many many years, and Amanda is one of the most personable and attentive people I have ever worked with. She truly epitomizes exactly what a recruiter is and should be.  Amanda and 1st Step Senior leadership should be very proud of their efforts. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and attention. 

  • Erik Torres

    Vice President of Operations

    I recently took over as VP of Operations for the company I work for and one of my first goals was to improve the quality of our personnel. Although quite a few recruiters contacted us trying to help us fill an immediate need, 1st Step Solutions was the company we decided to work with.  My first interaction was with Katherine Castellanos and from the start I was impressed with her professionalism, her positive energy, and her patience to help us find the right candidate. Needless to say we would recommend 1st Step Solutions and Katherine Castellanos to any company looking to add quality people to their workforce.”

  • Marcia

    Assistant Project Manager

    I applied through 1st Step for a position as an Assistant Project Manager recently.  With 1st Step's help, I was able to strengthen my candidacy for the position and the outcome was a success. I'm enthusiastic about starting this position and 1st Step have gone above and beyond for me, ensuring that I had the best possible chance of securing the position that I applied for.  This is demonstrated by Nana's unending work, day and night to ensure that the job process progresses in my favor. Nana has even supported me in hosting a pre-interview questionnaire so that I can better prepare for questions in the real interview. He also took the time to schedule a post-interview discussion to evaluate how I felt about the interview.  This was new for me I have never had anyone care to have a follow-up discussion. The overall experience was absolutely fantastic. Nana is truly a person that can ensure that the job you apply for is the job you get. There was no run around games, just straightforward support, and encouragement from start to finish. As my hire date approaches, I am grateful to know that I have your support. I hope that I can contact you in the future if I need a recommendation for another position.  

  • Joe

    Senior Contracts Manager

    I wanted to say a quick thank you for all 1st Step have done in creating this opportunity for me.  Since our first contact, compared to other recruiters, 1st Step actually paid attention to my resume and listened to the explanation of my experience. I feel this was key in placing me in this position, had they not listened they would not have thought of me for the position.  In addition, I must say the professionalism, attention to detail and excellent communication throughout the process was night and day better than other recruiters I have been working with. Last but not least, I feel 1st Step took ownership of my placement and gave it tremendous personal attention. I thank you personally for this. and look forward to working with you through the final transition.  

  • Yolanda

    Senior Project Manager

    Nana exemplifies all the traits and qualities a Senior Recruiter should have. My previous interface with other recruiting agencies left a negative impression. From the onset, Nana listened to my needs and future goals. He conversed with me to a level that not only gave him comfort in my abilities but made me feel as if I was not just another client but his only client.  In addition to his excellent communication skills and knowledge of the industry, Nana was simply a pleasure to work with. His awareness of the industry coupled with my personal goals prepared me for the selection process for the opportunity in which I have been happily employed for over 6 months.  Nana will always be my first contact should I look to further my career endeavors or simply just seek advice. I have no doubt that Nana will continue to be an asset to 1st Step and he certainly has my recommendation.       

  • Michael

    Director of Engineering

    I'd like to recognize Nana Boss for his professionalism and thoroughness as a recruiter. Nana found me through LinkedIn and we briefly corresponded via email and then by phone to discuss the position available. He served as an excellent advocate on my behalf and worked tirelessly to facilitate my hire. Over the last 2 months, I have been working with other recruiting agencies in the New York City area and found Nana to be impressively more professional and responsive than anyone I had previously dealt with. He is incredibly easy to reach and responds thoroughly and in a timely manner. I found that he went far above and beyond the normal role of someone in his position and in addition to his consistent professionalism; he was easy to speak with and quickly build an amicable rapport despite our brief interactions. As an employee, Nana not only found me and matched me up with an excellent firm seeking an engineer; he was also insightful and quickly saw that my experience and skills were better suited for the position of Director of Engineering. His comprehensive attitude towards building an accurate connection between the firm and me as a future employee saved both parties a great deal of time and money before I even started work.    

  • Al

    Plant Manager

    The assistance and support I received from Anthony Isidro of 1st Step Resourcing has been very professional, always in contact with me about any changes and information needed in relation to my job search. I am very satisfied with the service provided.

  • Glenn

    Project Manager

    I had a great experience working with Anthony Isidro on my job search.  he is extremely professional and understands the needs of both the hiring manager and the candidate.   1st Step resourcing dedicate the proper resources to find the best employment opportunity for each client they represent. 

  • Joe

    Director of Strategic Planning & Finance

    I want to thank 1st Step for bringing this employment opportunity to me, as well as others in the NYC area.  I wouldn't be in a position to accept this opportunity without you reaching out to me and managing the process. Without your involvement, I simply wouldn’t have known about the organization I am now working for.  You certainly have a strong skill set in finding, vetting, and matching people with good employment opportunities. You are very professional and have been a delight to work with. I am looking forward to meeting you soon in NYC. I will also keep you in mind if I know of any positions you can work to fill.



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