New York’s Construction Boom and Hudson Yards

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New York City has entered it’s biggest construction boom it has seen in generations.  The city has come a long way from 2008 where the industry had taken a severe downward turn.  In June, the city census reported that the city had issued 17,8054 permits.  More than half went to Brooklyn projects with most of the rest being split between Manhattan and Queens.

Even with most development permits going to the borough of Brooklyn, Manhattan maintains the top spot for the most expensive projects.  This is largely due to Manhattan’s Hudson Yards project. 

Hudson Yards is Manhattan’s current large-scale redevelopment plan.  It is making history as the largest private real estate development in history.  This is also the largest development the city has seen since Rockefeller Center clocking in at over 1 million square feet of retail and mixed-use space.    Hudson Yards 500 West 33rd Street is the city’s largest and most expensive project.  Being built by Tishman Construction the mixed-use building is valued at $ 576.68 Million.

New York City’s skyline continues to grow and develop which will guarantee the city’s boom to continue for the years to come.


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