Within the construction industry, one of the most important positions is the role of an Estimators. Estimators are in charge of cost control, bidding, reading blueprints, speaking with the clients and monitoring all stages of the project from concept to completion.  The Estimator should have strong industry and must have great communication skills in order to be able to conduct meetings and presentations with their clients.

When assigned to a project, the estimator breaks down the cost of everything from labor cost, equipment, and materials to form a bid for the project. An estimator also contacts the subcontractors and suppliers to analyze the different rates and products to determine which one will be more affordable but also the best product.

The estimator then prepares a bid on behalf of his company with all the expenses for everything on the project. The Estimator stays on the project to make sure the everything is going as planned and they are not going over budget.

How to become an Estimator

While some estimators have a Bachelors Degree, other estimators have worked their way up throughout the years in the construction industry and doing some field work. The education that some estimators have is a bachelors degree in Construction Management, Civil Engineering, or architecture. Some Estimators can also take a course to complete the Certificate Program in Construction Estimation.

Important Qualities and Duties of an Estimator

  • Estimators should be self motivated and should always be one step ahead of the game
  • Estimators should  always be able to make rational judgments and decisions when it comes to the budget cost
  • Estimators MUST be able to read blueprints
  • Estimators should be creative in coming up with ways to reduce cost
  • Estimators should keep records of all the estimations and costs for the project

Skills Required:

  • Estimators must be a team player and have great communication skills
  • Estimators mush have great math skills in order to come up with the overall cost of the project
  • Estimators must be detail oriented and be able to break down the project and analyze how much time and money is going to go to every single aspect of the project form subcontractors to suppliers
  • Estimators must have excellent time management skills in order to present the bids of the projects before the deadline.