Working as a drafter in the construction industry is one of the best positions you can have if you are creative and artistic. A drafter receives the preliminary sketches from the architects and turns them into blueprints or technical drawings. Drafters get the overall image of how the architect, engineer or contractor needs the project to look like and it is up to the drafter to analyze all the dimensions and to provide all the measurements for the project.

Drafters usually specialize in different divisions within the construction industry. They can work on projects from office interiors, homes, ground up buildings, tunnels, bridges, and roadways! While working on these projects the drafter also must specify what kind of materials are going to be used with a step by step process for the construction plan.

In order to complete their drawings, drafters must be proficient with Computer-Aided Drafting Design (AutoCAD). This program allows the drafters to get a little more creative and makes it easier for the drafters to present the project in a three dimensional scale.


How to become a Drafter:

Usually, drafters must have at least an Associates Degree in architectural drafting or design. You can also choose to pursue an Bachelors degree in and obtain your drafting certification with the American Design Drafting Association.

Important Qualities and Duties of a Drafter

  • A drafter must be tech savvy and must keep update with all the computer program
  • A drafter must be able to work with rough sketches presented by the architect
  • A drafter must be able to break down the project and be able to determine what material will be used
  • A drafter must able to provide more than one draft of the project to be reviewed

Skills Required:

  • A drafter must have great time management skills keep up with deadline
  • A drafter must be able to be organized since they usually deal with more than one project at a time
  • Since drafters usually have to resubmit a drawing several times to the architect, a drafter should be really patient and should be able to have someone cretic their work
  • A drafter must have great communication skills with the architects, engineers, and supervisors.

Chicago "The Windy City" is the third most populated city in the United States. Located on shores of Lake Michigan the City of Chicago has many things to offer.

Chicago is broken down into four sections, The Loop (central business district), The South Side, The North Side and The West Side.

Chicago's O'Hare international airport is ranked among some of the busiest in the world. Along with owning the largest amount of highways and railroad freights in its region. This allows for Chicago's economy to be strong as well as diverse. 

The architecture throughout the city is one of it's biggest attractions. Chicago is home to the second tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, The Wilis Tower. Aside from that, one can find some of the most recognized buildings in the country.

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