Construction Superintendent

Construction Superintendents are responsible for on-site coordination on all phases of a project. Construction Superintendents coordinate subcontractors, material and ensure all project specifics are being followed.

  • A Construction Superintendent keeps the projects on schedule and within budget.
  • Construction Superintendents also are in charge of keeping quality control and safety on the overall job-site.
  • Construction Superintendents conduct daily meetings with contractors and staff to discuss tasks as well as goals to be reached.
  • It is important for a Construction Superintendent to keep in constant contact with the Project Manager to report progress and or problems that arise.

Responsibilities and Duties of a Construction Superintendent

Construction Superintendents typically have several years of experience and a vast knowledge in all aspects of the construction industry. The Construction Superintendent is tasked with applying that knowledge to make fast and swift decisions on a job-site. Safety is also an important component of Construction Superintendent duties. It is the responsibility of a Construction Superintendent to make sure all staff complies with safety rules and regulations.

Construction Superintendents are tasked with the following but not limited to:

  • Construction Superintendents schedule subcontractors, consultants and vendors
  • Communication with the project team is key for Construction Superintendent
  • Construction Superintendents log day-to-day activities on a job-site
  • A Construction Superintendent must be aware and report all change orders
  • Construction Superintendents maintain a project's schedule to ensure completion is on time

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